Early morning adventures

There I am minding my own business, in my own house mind you; when all of a sudden my lounge is invade by 2 little sausage dogs. When I say little I mean in size, but they’ve got personalities the size of mountains. My tiny little lounge literally explodes with tongues, wagging tails and furry, barking bodies. My first reaction was to have a mini heart attack; once I got over that my second reaction was fear for my rabbit. The little hounds would no doubt sniff him out and go rearing after him. We call him the Ninja Bunny, he’s black and has quite a potent kick. I then remembered that I had already put him in his cage.

Anyway, these two leap onto to the couch where I was sitting and are literally all over me. One look at them and I knew they were going to make the best of this spontaneous burst of freedom and there was nothing I could do to calm them down. Besides, they were so cute and I absolutely love dogs.

2 minutes after they make an entrance I get another unexpected guest, this time in the form of one very big stranger.  He comes rushing through my front door and comes to an abrupt halt just inside the lounge. Common sense probably kicked in telling him that it is not ok to go into a stranger’s house unannounced. So now I’ve got 2 rogue dogs and 1 seemingly confused (and very gorgeous) man in my house.

I tried to get up and be upset but the two little monsters on my lap wouldn’t let me. He was apologising profusely and from the little that I could get hear over the yapping I gathered that the dogs belonged to him. Apparently he was house sitting for my neighbours and had not yet learnt the art of escaping the yard without freeing the two half pints.

As soon the dogs realised he was there for them they bolted off my lap and went straight into my room. He almost went after them but I put a stop to them and went after them myself. 5 minutes later I delivered two very much calmer sausages into this poor gentleman’s hands.  

After he apologised for the 100th time we got to talking and I learnt that he is single, 30 and a lecturer. He likes playing cards and tattoos and Indian women. I’ve invited him over for a drink on Friday to meet my husband, now I just have to make sure that my very single, very gorgeous best friend pops over on Friday as well. *Mwuhahahahaha*

Maybe I should consider match making as my new job? Lol

Speaking of love, I am officially boycotting V-Day. Not because I’ve changed my mind about celebrating the day but because I’d like my friends and family to realise that I’m on strike. I normally make sure I do something, bake cute little heart muffins or buy roses or chocolates, no matter how small it is I make sure my loved ones get a pressie from me. I get nothing back in return but a whole lot of complaints from them. This year I will not be sending any messages of giving any presents. I will not be cooking my husband a nice dinner, nor will a single candle be lit. We’ll see how they feel after that! And if they don’t mind the lack, well, then I just know that my efforts are hopeless and that I should give up my noble endevours.




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