Connecting people

This morning I was chatting to my mum, just doing a general catch up and she was asking me about my friends and when last I had seen or spoken to them. After spending 10 minutes bringing her up to speed she said something along the lines of how easy it is for me to connect with people.

Thinking about it now I wonder how easy that actually is. Getting along with someone and making a connection with them is different. Connecting with someone is special; it’s something that happens between just the two of you. If could be over something sad or funny, flirtatious or deep, it could be with a child, a man or a little ol lady. No matter what this connection is though, for a few moments of time you feel something more. I can’t describe it but whenever ever a moment like this happens it gives me a twinge of excitement.

The problem is that I don’t seem to make these connections anymore. I don’t think I know how to anymore. I’ve made a few of these connections on the blogs but it was always initiated by the other person. Am I too scared to reach out to people? And why? What harm could come from offering an exchange of email addresses or bbm pins? None, right?

I think that as people get older we forget how to be spontaneous. Everything is treated with caution and suspicion. Motives get second guessed and what could be a beautiful friendship is reduced to a ‘like’ every so often.

So in saying this I am going to try and be my old self, I’m going to make and keep these connections. I’m going to reach out to people that interest me, and who knows, I may have a few more friends to chat to mum about.


4 thoughts on “Connecting people

  1. Spontaneous people, people who are able to easily speak to others are a thing of beauty. So don’t lose that part of yourself Ric.
    Not something I’ve ever been able to do, and I can see myself shrinking further and further away from actual human contact – just because it’s so difficult for me to connect to other people – even on a superficial level.

    1. Why is it so difficult I’ve always wondered? I’m able to make friends pretty easily but connecting is something on a different level that takes a unique set of circumstances to occure.

      1. Dunno why it has to be so difficult. Maybe it is as you say – you get older, and more afraid.
        I don’t even make friends easily.
        I just avoid people, period.
        Much easier that way.

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