The dangers of job searching

So I’ve had an epiphany. I’m not happy at my job. Ok, thats a bit dramatic, I’ve known for 2 years that I don’t like my job, I just didn’t want to give up before I’ve given it a chance. Two years later I’ve pretty much done all that I can but I can’t deal with a boss who looks through me and one who is constantly shouting at me and insulting me. There’s only so much that I can handle.

So I’ve put myself back on the job market and I’ve started applying for jobs. I’ve forgetten how time consuming it is! I’ve also forgotten how many weirdo’s there are there! I’ve noticed a new trend, people are now asking for photgraphs to be sent with CV’s. I’m not sure why though. Is it so that agencies can see whether you look suitably professional for the job before they waste their time interviewing you? Or is it so that they can telephonically interview without having to see you? Are they just looking for attractive people? Surely this can’t be rig

Anyway, I send my CV for a pretty good looking job. It’s for an engineering company, the perks and salary is good. I get a response back asking for my photo. I decline saying I’d rather meet face to face. The guy respondeds back saying he just Googled me and found me on Facebook and I qualify for an interview! Of all the audacity! But wait, it gets worse!

He then says he wants a PA who’s ‘open minded’. The first thing I think about is the fact that he’s probably a screamer or has a wife and a girlfriend and he wants a PA to look the other way. I respond that I am but it depends on circumstance. He then replies that he wants someone who will partake in activites of the adult nature and that I’ll be looked after financially! WTF! He says he wants a PA with ‘benefits’ which is why he asked for my picture.

Needless to say I retracted my application. I’m blown away. So this guy wants a PA who will sleep with him and he’ll pay her for it. I don’t know this guys name or the company otherwise I would’ve reported him. There are so many desperate women out there looking for one and he wants to take advantage of them.

Anyway, I get another email from him today saying that he’s really struggling to find someone that is suitable and that he understands that I am not interested in the other half of his requirements but he’d like to meet me anyway as my professional skills fit exactly what he’s looking for. I haven’t even bothered to respond. I can’t ever work for him because I’ll never trust him and that’s vital in my position. Also, my husband would probably have a heart attack.

The job market sure has gotten scarier! I’m wondering if I’m just safer where I am.


6 thoughts on “The dangers of job searching

  1. I’ve been lucky that I was basically gauranteed a job when I left varsity so I haven’t had to go into the actual market. It’s so dodgy of him to do that though!
    How many years of PA experience do you have? Last time I was looking, there were two empty positions at my firm

    1. You are lucky, you just need to keep that momentum going!

      I’d appreciate more details if possible, is there a private messaging system on this platform? Maybe we can exchange details

  2. You probably are safer exactly where you are Ric!!
    The devil you know is always better than the one you don’t 😉
    Things are scary out there, so he might just find somebody that will take to proposition.

    1. You’re right but the devil I know is eating at my confidence, reducing my tears and making me sick! I’m lucky to have a job though so I’ll suck it up

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