Stumbling blocks

So I’m back on top babeee!! Well, not quite but I’m better than I was last week this time. I read my last post and my post and I feel like such a whiner!

So I went and enjoyed nature this past weekedn. I had lots of wine and played in the rain. I even made a friend!

On Tuesday I went to see my life coach who I have talked to in 2 months and 1 hour with her made me feel so much better. After speaking to her I got to writing, something always takes my mind of things and makes my feel better.

It’s a silly little story. I was thinking about my gran’s house that we used visit when I was younger during school holidays. I thorougly enjoyed being with my cousin but that house was very creepy at times. Anyway, I started writing about it and from a teenagey ghost story it’s evolved into something a bit more. I doubt it would go anywhere, all I’ve done before are short stories and articles that have been published in local magazines. But I’m thoroughly enjoying myself writing it. I don’t even know what the end of my story is going to be yet but I’m enjoying seeing it evolve.

In writing this I’ve also notice how much my writing and language skills have improved. I now pay attention to the littlet things, the detail. And instead of the story being one quick rush I’ve learnt to introduce the plot and characters slowly so that the audience appreciates them. I’m so excited with my work and I’m glad that I still have the ability to run wild.

I was reading what I wrote just now and gave a little chuckle. When I first started writing I was reading Little Women, my all time favourite book. I finished that and I moved on to one of those fast paced Dan Brown type books. I could literally notice in my writing when I changed over. I had started out the book using ‘old english’ and after a few chapters lapsed into my own tone and then moved to this cliff hanger type mode. I had to edit quite a bit so I’m determined to not read anything that differs too much. I wonder how many authors were influenced in this way?

Oh yes, and I’m still having a huge problem with this site. I can’t get onto any other page but my own and the ‘add new post’ one. So I can’t even read any blogs! Hopefully tomorrow I should be allowed onto other parts of the site!


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