WordPress issues

I am the only one having issues with this site? I find that I’m constantly having problems viewing certain pages. I can never see any new posts by people that I follow and getting to see my notifications are a mission. If I reply to comments I don’t know whether they actually appear or not. It’s sooo frustrating!

Is it just me or is this something that a lot of people are experiencing. coming from Letterdash I find this site very difficult, it’s got too much ‘stuff’ and it’s way too complicated. I’ve gotten used to it in the passed few months but just when I’m sure of what I’m doing they up and change the bloody format of everything! I like change and all that but not to this extent.


10 thoughts on “WordPress issues

  1. This might be a problem with your browser or your browser settings. If I try getting into WordPress from my workpress, I cannot see a lot of things and I get error messages, including that the browser is too old.
    If you go into the Dashboard (does that work, the menu should drop down when you click on the “Ricari” in the left upper corner, besides the WordPress-Icon) then there should be a “Help” button in the right upper corner, with links to support people.

  2. The problem is that my Reader page is blank. Sometimes I see the posts but most times I can’t even get onto that page. And there’s that little notification bubble on the top of my page but when I click on it I just that annoying ‘loading’ sign. It’s sooo frustrating!

  3. It does take a little getting used to… I do hope you come right Ricari. šŸ™‚

    PS Happy belated new year to you and the family. I hope this one will be awesome. šŸ™‚

  4. Every time you follow anybody, you have to see their posts in your reader. Very easy to do that, but you won’t get a notification unless you tell it to. So, go to your reader, edit the list of blogs you’re following and set the frequency that you want to receive your e mails.
    Only thing I find difficult here is to do the blogroll and stuff on the side – at least you’ve figured that out already šŸ˜‰

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