Gynae’s (men are lucky)

Which woman hasn’t honestly dreamt of the ability to pee standing up? For someone with a weak bladder like myself I have peeing envy. If I had a super power I’d choose that, besides who needs to fly anyway! Men are incredibly lucky that way. They also get to pass of going to a gynae which is a pretty uncomfortable experience for most women.

I had to go to my gynae this morning and usual I dreaded it. When I was first introduced to the concept of this particular doctor I was mortified. He puts What? Where?! I don’t think so. Lucky for me I’ve only had one bad experience so I’m not too scarred.

These days however I’m no longer intimidated by the stick or the lub or the condom. That’s the easy part. Now the hard part is actually listening to all the stuff that’s wrong with me and how we’re gona fix it. Nothing terrifies me more than discussing my most recent bout of tests and what we’re gona do about it. After today’s appointment I’m looking pretty positive. We have a plan of action and we know how we’re going to proceed.

This time hubby came off worse than I did. He has to go for a sperm count and the very thought has him terrified. Firstly he’s scared that our infertility issues lay at his door which I seriously doubt but no matter what I tell him he won’t listen. He’s torturing himself. Secondly the idea of having to masturbate into a cup has him creeped out. I ‘wouldn’t particulary like to do that either. He feels under pressure and it’s making his feelings about this whole thing even worse. I wish I could take it all away. If I had my way he’d have nothing to do with all the tests. I wish I hadn’t even told him about the sperm test but that’s too late now I suppose.

Oh, and then we have to a three days interval between ‘intercourse’. Three days! Hellloooo! I’m tryna fall pregnant here!

I long for the days where the only reason I went to the doc was for contraceptives! Oh, to be young again!


6 thoughts on “Gynae’s (men are lucky)

  1. To be young again indeed 😉
    It puts a major strain on any relationship if there’s infertility issues. I hope hubby can get himself so far as to do this, even if only to prove that he’s not the one to blame. Not that you are either – some things happen, and we can’t always do something to fix it.
    As for the gynae visit – I have not been to one in years!! Detest it! And as long as I don’t have wierd mains and stuff, I will not go either 😉

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