My first pregnancy test

I read an old blog from about a year ago and it made laugh so I’m reblogging…

So I was up at 4 this morning for no good reason. One minute I was having the most amazing dream and the next I’m wide awake, blinking a bit stupidly and wondering WTF just happened? I lay there for a few minutes waiting for something to happen, preferably sleep but anything would’ve have done.

 And then I realised why I had woken up so suddenly. Last night before bed hubby wanted to know why I hadn’t taken the pregnancy test yet. I explained to him that the results are more accurate in the morning so I’ll wait till then. He joked that ‘morning’ could mean any time after 00:00 so I shouldn’t wake up at odd hours of the morning. Ha!

 So I figured, since I was awake anyway and I really needed to pee I’d take the test. I let Cas out of his cage since I was looking to be there for a while. I sat and did my business, which, by the way, is really difficult to do at 4 in the morning. You have to pull you pants down really low and assume a squatting position over the toilet. This is difficult in itself because normally my legs don’t like doing any form of squats let alone while my body’s still asleep. Plus my eyes (despite being wide open a few seconds ago) now have a deep aversion to the bathroom light and refuse to identify the right part of the stick. And once I get myself into position I need to get the stick into position while worrying about spillage. Eventually I’m all done and then I… wait. I read every part of the box and instructions and when I thought enough time had passed I checked the little window. 1 strip means negative, 2 means positive. Mine had 3!

 What they heck could that mean? I panicked for a few seconds and then flew out of the bathroom to wake up my other half. He was bleary eyed and kept muttering about how he didn’t know the answer. I hadn’t even asked him the question! After a few seconds of Cas and I in his face he eventually came to consciousness. I explained the situation of the 3 strip phenomenon and he looked at me like I was crazy. “It’s a dud then” he says calmly, turns over, snuggles up with Cas and goes back to sleep. Why didn’t I think of that?

 Luckily I had bought 5 (just in case). But now I was all pee’d out so I had to wait till I worked up some more fuel. I went back to bed and dozed till my alarm went off. I grabbed the next test and proceeded to go through the whole process again muttering to Hubby (who was brushing his teeth) and to Cas who was staring at me comically and the joys of being a woman. 5 minutes later I looked at the little window.1 strip, negative.

 I look at hubby, who’s on the bathroom floor petting Cas and tell him the results. We just look at each other. He’s staring at me with a very intense look and I’m honestly fearing the worst. The first words out of his mouth are ‘I think you’ve got some pee on your slipper.’


The expression on my face must’ve been priceless cos his certainly was! A few seconds we both burst out laughing. Like howling and rolling on the floor kind of laughing. After a few minutes of this we calm down and he tells me that it’ll happen when it happens and I shouldn’t worry too much. I sure do love that man. But how does he know what 3 strips mean?

Mmm… 14 months later and I’m still waiting for that illusive second stripe.


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