L is for Stupid

When can you call someone ‘stupid’. Never, right? The person in question might just be illiterate or lazy or inexperienced. I usually reserve the term for a douche bag. He may not be intellectually challenged but he’s just an ass. I’m sure each person has their own definition for the word. Anyway, a lot of people seem to think I’m stupid.

A prime example is my best friend K. Whenever I say or do something ‘clever’ she’s shocked. Like genuinely shocked. And I’m always surprised by her surprise. Why does she react that way? It’s been bugging me for a long time but it came up again yesterday when I called myself stupid and another friend asked me why I think I’m stupid. I was taken aback.

So why do people think I’m stooopid? Firstly, I don’t have time for current fads. I don’t care who the most popular singer is or the latest flashy car that’s being released or who is dating who in Hollywood. I don’t particularly care for fashion and what’s hot and what’s not. Unless I really like something I’m totally unaware of it. Mostly because I have too many other things to concentrate on then to try and retain information that benefits me not at all.

I have major memory issues, I forget Everything so to make my life easier I remember what’s important at the time. Whenever my friends are having these types of conversations I usually zone out and they are faced with my very blank expression. I’m not judging them for their interests; I’m just not entertained by them. I would actually like to be interested in this, I just can’t get myself to commit.

My work life is hectic. As an Executive Assistant I have to know my job as well as that of the MD’s and FD’s. I have to be aware of stock levels and machine parts and the financial situation of the company. I need to know a little bit about every country we work in and the employees in that country and their culture’s, languages and holidays. I have to remember when my boss’s teams have birthdays and to send flowers when someone is sick. I have to provide emotional support to my staff and then walk in all stiff and hardass for a management meeting. One minute I’m chatting to the MD’s wife and the next I’m discussing an audit report with the board of directors. I’m constantly on alert, retaining information about every person and their jobs and lives in the company. When I’m at home I just want to relax and be silly, is that so bad? I suffer from serious anxiety issues so I try and let all of that go in my private time.

Also, I always ask questions. If I don’t understand something and it interests me I’ll ask about it. A lot of people don’t do that and it comes across as childish. I’ve heard so many people confess that they ‘Googled’ it instead of coming across as unknowing.

Another thing is that I’m the quirky one in the group. I’m the one who comes up with the crazy, funny and weird ideas. Like the ‘end of the world’ party, some people don’t even know who the Mayans are. Or a year-end party for our group- companies have one, why can’t we? Last year in our lift club I got everyone Christmas crackers and played Boney M on our last day when we were driving home just to celebrate the end of the work year. I know most people don’t this often, but I do and I enjoy it.

I’m assuming that all of this points to me being stupid? Do people see me as a fluffy little female with nothing serious on her mind. My lack of memory, lack of interest in the same things as most people and general avoidance of deep, thoughtful conversations seems to indicate that I have a lack of intelligence. And why does this bother me? Probably cos I may think that they are right.


4 thoughts on “L is for Stupid

  1. What you (or others) suspect to be stupidity might be wisdom instead 🙂
    Greetings from Cameroon (at least we are on the same continent now)

  2. I often call people stupid – the government officials, arseholes on the road.
    As for you being stupid – there’s a difference between stupidity and un-interest. Stupid is not seeing what’s going on. Un-interest is seeing but not giving a crap.
    So no, you’re not stupid. Just not interested 😉

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