Have you ever watched a movie where the hero/in is in a dangerous situation and afterwards they comment about how ‘their lives flashed before their eyes’? I’ve never experienced that and always wanted to. I mean, imagine watching your entire life in a few seconds and gaining the insight it could take you a life time to figure out? Plus, I’ve always wanted to be rescued by Bruce Willis or some other stud.

But I’ve been going through something similiar. Over the weekend, while watching some sort of programme on TV in the evening, it struck me that I had just watched an episode of that show which felt like it was the day before. And after a few seconds of thinking I realised that I hadn’t, the whole week had gone by so quickly that it felt like just a day had passed. That’s scary. What am I so busy doing that one week merges into a day? Is it a good thing? Maybe I’m so busy with life that time is flying by. On the other hand, what if my days are so monotonous, so filled with the same boring activites that I can’t differentiate one day from other??? What if I wake up a year from now and can’t recall the year that passed? What if I turn 30 and can’t remember where my twenties went to?

Hopefully I remember how awesome it was! But am I the only one that experienced this feeling? It’s like I spend everyday looking forward to another day. And I’m never truly satisfied by the day that past. Is there no pleasing us humans? This time of year more than any othe time do I realise how quickly time flies. Each day is spend looking forward to another and then another until eventually a year has passed by and then you’re just a year older.

I guess we deal with each day as best we can, some days you’re happy, other days you can’t get out of bed. It’s what matters in between that counts, right?


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  1. I’ve often looked back at a day and it just seems like I haven’t done anything. But I guess life flies past so you don’t end up remembering these normal, mundane days where you stick to your routine. The days that are diferent are the ones you remember

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