This morning I was incredibly upset when my alarm went of. Not so much because it was time to wake up but more because of the fact that I was having a wonderful dream and got interrupted. No matter how hard I tried to get back into it, it just wasn’t happening. I dreamt that I was in this massive building under water somewhere, don’t ask me where, and it was filled with the most interesting things; From people to statues to sounds and colours.

 When I woke up I wondered what it meant. I often dream of water,most times I’m in a very deep body of crystal clear water. Sometimes it’s scary, I’m trying desperately to reach the surface and other times it’s calm and beautiful. I Googled it and according to Self-Healing Expressions (.com) the following is an explanation:

 Size and Depth
The size of the body of water denotes the amount of emotion that may be surfacing within you. Is it a pond, pool, stream, river, lake or ocean? Or perhaps, it’s water in the house such as an overflowing bathtub? Larger bodies of water imply greater depth of emotional and spiritual awareness. Puddles may imply small residual feelings not yet resolved, while an ocean may indicate your deepest feelings, serenity and emotional strength and force.

Bodies of clear water imply that your emotions, intentions and purpose are aligned and clear. It also suggests spiritual purity and understanding.


I read and it thought to myself ‘What the heck does that mean!’ So I’m incredibly emotional but those emotions are clear to me? And who comes up with this? Why can’t it just be that I like swimming? Or that I have a fear of drowning? I’m as deep as a puddle of water!

 Which brings me to the question of what exactly are dreams? According to the trusty Wikipedia, dreams are:

successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.[1] The content and purpose of dreams are not yet understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history.

 Which, in a nutshell, means that no one knows what dreams are. And if no one knows what they are, how can one know what they mean? So my water dreams could actually mean that I really need to pee!

Another recurring dream that I have is a scary one. I’m back in school, in Matric to be exact and I have to write an exam that I didn’t study for! I get this chill creep over me and I feel this panic that I’ve never come close to feeling in reality. I wonder what that means?

 Does anyone else have strange dreams? I sometimes dream of people I haven’t seen in years or people that I don’t even wana dream of. I can dream up whole books or movies (if I could remember them). I can fall in love every night and have the steamiest sessions with perfect strangers. I can talk to God or cry like a baby. I absolutely love my dreams, they give me a freedom to do and think things that I would never do during my waking hours.


7 thoughts on “Dreamworks

  1. Sometimes my dreams are cool.
    Other times I wake up crying from such a feeling of loss, I could really do without it thanks!!!
    I’m a firm believer that dreams are your brain’s way of working through this things you don’t consciously think of all the time, but that are still there…

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