The end of the world cometh and I shall drinketh

Storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes… all some of the various ways that the earth is predicted to end come 21 December 2012. When all of this came up I noticed 3 reactions to the news: 1. People started panicking and preparing for dooms day. 2. People scoffed and refused to believe it 3. The rest haven’t even paid attention to it.

As for me, I’m thoroughly enjoying these conspiracy theories. National Geographic has been airing all sorts of documentaries about the subject and I’m hooked. I don’t really believe the world will end, it would take a massive act of something for the entire planet to just cease to exist in one day, it’s impossible. However, imagine, for just a second that this could possibly happen? Nobody can prove that it can’t, right? I truly believe that anything is possible. Just because it can’t be proved by science does not necessarily mean it doesn’t exist. There are too many things in this universe that you can’t fit into a perfect little box.

 Also, the Hindu calendar still exists after 2012 so I’m all good. The interesting thing though, is that some Hindu astrologers have stated that there will be a subtle change in humanity. It’s more of an End of the World… as we know it. The Hindu calendar has also experienced a change in cycle; we are coming out of the Kali Yuga (dark) age and will be going into the Golden Age where the world will be begin anew, as it did in the beginning.

 There seems to be an expected shift in the spiritual awareness of humanity in the next few decades, a shift that could change the way we live our lives. A lot of people have predicted the opposite, that humanity will degenerate into a state of barbarianism and that will in fact tear the fabrics of society, culture and religion apart (and that seems to have happened). But what if the opposite is true instead? For whatever reason, be it common sense or something of a religious nature would it be too unexpected for people to see the error of their ways? I mean, how much worse can we get?

By spirituality I mean a sense of ‘ self ‘, an awareness of each other and what’s going on around us. You can be an atheist or Buddhist or a naturalist and still be spiritual. And if this does happen, what would it mean for our stress levels or our ever increasing financial issues or for the health issues being experienced globally.  Where the Mayans on to something? Could the end of this cycle mean the beginning of a much better one?

In the meantime I’m having an End of the World party. It’s silly season I don’t care for logic right now; besides, I want an excuse to throw a party!



6 thoughts on “The end of the world cometh and I shall drinketh

  1. The unfair thing about it is that you “down south” (I propose to turn the maps south up, but that is another matter) have summer now, so your world end party will be blessed with warmer weather. Here in the north, on the other hand, it is cold, rainy and snowy. However, I’ll be in Cameroon when the world cometh to an and, and they have dry season now. Enjoy your party 😉
    Another issue is, my sister is in New Zealand, so she is nearer to the international date line. So will the world unravel into oblivion from there, so they get that date earlier? Can island states like Samoa delay the end by one day by shifting to the other side (Samoa actually shifted from the American to the Asian side last year, so should they shift back). Or can they skip that dangerous day by shifting back and forth, so they will avoid destruction. However, Samoa alone in empty space… Riddles over riddles … 🙂

  2. Any excuse for a jol Ric 😉
    And I don’t the world will ever end. Just humanity.
    Just wish I could know beforehand – will save me big time on buying gifts 😉
    Jokes aside though, my aunt, a devout Christian missionary firmly believes that things are indeed about to change. And if you read the Bible, the signs are indeed there. You just need to listen to the news to know that the world is broken and getting even more so by the day…

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