My dirty little secret



For as long as I can remember I’ve been an avid reader. My mother used to read to me every night before bed and that started a habit that has lasted till adult hood. I remember reading all the classics like Black Beauty, Snow White and the other fairy tales. As I got older my parents introduced me to children’s stories that would teach me more about my religion and culture and I thoroughly enjoyed those. I moved onto the Famous 5 and the Waterbabies. Then I became a torn, emo teenager and started reading Stephen King and Dean Koonz and any amount of horrors and thrillers. I read the classics like Pride & Prejudice and Shakespear in tertiary. Eventually I grew up and opened up my horizons a bit and I discovered fantasy and romance!

I’ve read every kind of genre there is and I must say, the vampires and werewolves do it for me. But more than anything else I love… Mills & Boons! Yes, you read right! Nothing keeps me entertained more than a juicy historical romance where the hero swoops in on his dark horse and saves the damsel in distress from a life of poor misery at the hands of the foreign barbarian. My toes curl when I read about the first kiss and picture every single moment as if I were in it.

What I want to know is why am I judged for loving romances? I’ve learnt about the scots and the early Americans and the Australian outback an the English ton and the Indian maharaj’s and so much more. What makes Stephen King better than Betty Neels? And yes, I’ve heard all about how these type of books stereotype females and are sexist and blah blah blah. In reality I am a strong, independent woman who has a full time job, is married and happy. So what? Does that mean I can’t enjoy a good ol fashioned love story?

The whole point of reading is escapism! I live in reality, why would I want read about it too! One genre I can’t stand is the murder mysteries and self-help books. I see enough of it on TV and in the news, unless there’s a vampire involved I don’t want to read it. But people automatically judge me for this. Like I’m some sort of giggly, brain less girl who has the IQ of a chimp. Hellloooo! I’m a female, with rearing emotions and I enjoy a happy ending. I want to know that the lucky lady will ride off into the sunset with Duke and live a happy life in a castle with bustling children and 5 dogs. Why wouldn’t I?

I have to think, and hard, the entire day. I’ve got to concentrate and remain calm and serene and happy and pleasant and unemotional all the time, in front of people. The only time I can truly feel what I want to feel is when I’m reading. I can immerse myself in the characters and love and laugh and cry and get angry with them. This is my release and I enjoy it. Yes, I read 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight and I love it! I read erotic novels too, and my husband loves that! Who hasn’t fantasised about being romanced under a full moon and being ravaged in the rain? Don’t judge me for being a romantic, you are too, you’re just too jaded to admit it.


12 thoughts on “My dirty little secret

  1. I love some romances too, especially about the English ton. But no erotica for me. Oddly enough I find it boring. But vampires? I like some of those. I teach English as a New Language and this year I run a program for high school students who don’t have strong literacy skills in their own countries. There is a vampire series based on vampires who go to the same high school and the tales of being with kids who aren’t vampires. Very easy readers but with high school themes of love and dating and heartbreak in the cafeteria etc. The students LOVE this series. Very nice blog. I am just discovering it, thanks to seeing your site as you “liked” my post on my blog.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love all types of books but I also enjoy the occasional love story, I’m a sucker for the feel good type of book. I’ve noticed that the vampire, werewolf type of books have gotten teenagers interested in reading again which is always a good thing!

  2. I’ve learned more about cultures from Mills and Boon than I have from anywhere else. Love them. Can’t stand Betty Neels though! Johanna Lindsay and Penny Jordan and Kathleen Woodiwiss and Charlotte Lamb 😉
    I hated 50 shades. Maybe not hated, it was not such a bad book, but I still can’t understand what all the hype is about. Will not be getting the rest and will certainly not go to see the movie.
    And the older I get, the less I want to read about a 19 year old virgin landing a 35 year old nobleman.
    But that does not stop me from reading my little love stories, and the best time of my life has been spent in a deep, hot bubble bath, classic fm on the radio and a mills & boon 😉
    But I do love my whodunnits and Mr King and my absolute favourite – Terry Pratchett!

    1. I love Terry Pratchett, I literally LOL when I read his books. Have you read King’s Dark Tower series? It’s a must read! I like Betty Neels for the innocence of her characters.

      1. I have no track with innocence – it is cute when you’re a child, annoying when you’re an adult.
        I have probably started reading the Dark Tower series before you even knew of it’s existence 😉 Think I bought the first book in the series late eighties, early nineties – second hand. Still have it ;-)And I waited and waited and waited, lived through the car crash, dreading him not finishing the series for a good many years…
        Sam Vimes is the man of my dreams…

  3. I’m sorry, but I really CAN’T stand mills and boons. It really just puts me off reading. I’m more a on the edge of my seat thriller type of person.
    My parents always say it’s bad for me because it works up my nerves more than they should be

    1. lol Each to his own, it’s probably the same way I can’t stand murder mysteries. I do love thrillers though, I get so engrossed that I forget that all the emotions arent real!

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