A ‘sage’ in Brazil is claiming to be the reincarnate of Lord Krishna and that he will be soon be taking over the Hare Krishna movement. Ha! Big problems with that statement right there. Especially since he converted to a Hare Krishna just one year back and was previously a drug addict. Now, you may be asking, who am I to judge? But if he professed to be Prophet Mohammed or Jehovah or Buddha, would anyone believe him? I think not.

He is generating some serious bad Karma for himself. Which brings me to the subject of Karma, I’ve been thinking about this subject a lot. I’m a practising Hindu and Karma is a way of live. My parents have taught me the concept of Karma and I try to actively live by this. Essentially, we believe that the highest attainable goal any soul can achieve is to reach God. I mean, who wouldn’t want that, right? So you spend your entire life trying to reach him/her, them by gaining enlightenment. The way to do this is to live a good life. That’s it. Don’t kill, murder, rape, etc. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to be a vegan or meditate for a 100 years (although that could help), just be nice, give to others, the usual. Easier said than done, right?

So every life you live is to atone for previous sins. In your last life you could’ve been a wife beater, you’ll be reborn to work out those sins. It may take one life or twenty, depends on your soul. We also believe that your soul chose this life. A soul isn’t instantly reborn, there’s a journey to be made at the end of each life, lessons to evaluate and you are given a choice as to which life will be best for your soul. My mom told me this when I was a teenager and we were having a fight. I flung the ‘Well, I didn’t ask to be born!’ She calmly replied “Actually…. you did” She screwed me over that day! lol

My priest, to whom I go every year to do a ‘reading’ for me tells me this could be my last life. A reading is based on your date of birth, time of birth, name, etc. It’s a prediction of what’s to come in your life. He also told me about a few of my past lives and why this one could be my last. I’m a bit sceptical for several reasons. Mostly because I’m not very religious, as much as other people anyway.

Religion in my family is more of a way of life that a conscious act. We have two prayer area’s in our home, essentially mini temples and pray every morning and evening when we can help it. We fast 3 days a week, light our lamp, say our manthras, etc. I can’t remember the last time I’ve actually been to a temple for a service.

So the priest tells me that all I have to do is nothing. lol How’s that for advice? Basically I just need to be a decent person, my last life was really bad and I worked out most of my sins here. Now tell me, if someone told you that you’re most likely going to be seeing God when you die, what your reaction be? And people, I Believe that what he says has some truth, it’s how I was brought up, and I don’t care how silly other people think I am.

And in a way, by him telling me this, I’ve already decided to be a good person. Is this possible? Is it in one’s nature to be mean, to live a bad life, or do you have control over it? Granted, I’ve never thought about stealing a car, or robbing a little old lady, so is this part of my nature or is because I have this little tit bit dangling in front of me spurring me to be good?

It’s all very confusing, half the time I don’t even think about it but when I do I think about all the ways I could mess this life up! What if I’m a bad mother? Or a bad pet owner? so many ways to fall of the rails.

All this must not make a lot of sense but I feel better after writing about it. I guess at the end of the day, I should live the type of life I want, right?


6 thoughts on “Karma

  1. I firmly believe you should live a life YOU can be comfortable with. Your beliefs and culture will tell you of something is not good, or goes against the grain.

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