Birthday season

On Saturday was Hubby’s birthday and he turned 33. He’s one of those people that hate their birthdays and for the life of me I can’t understand why. I love my birthday! The first year we met he made me promise not to do anything for him, and that’s not me. I love throwing birthday parties. Eventually  I manage to wangle out of him why he didn’t like his birthday. He says he hates getting older, he hates looking back at the past year and realizing how little he’s achieved and no one in his family made  a big deal of his birthday! I had a lot of work to do!

9 years later and he officially loves his birthday. I managed to convince him that aging isn’t so bad and that instead of looking back at what he hadn’t achieved he should focus on what he did achieve. And finally I’ve made sure that he thoroughly enjoys every birthday. This year I spread it over the weekend. Saturday I threw a party at his families house and we showered him with champagne at 12:00. On saturday I took him for breakfast and shopping and then threw him another party with my family and friends. We had a cake and I cooked his favourite foods and took lots of pictures. On sunday I booked a paint balling session for him and the guys and made them all breakfast, stocked up their cooler box and sent them on their way. He says that he thoroughly enjoyed himself and I’m glad for that! He still gets a bit moody leading up to his birthday but now he gets excited too.

On friday I’m celebrating my best friend’s birthday with her. It’s two weeks early but she’s not going to be here for a birthday and we’ve started a tradition that we have to maintain. Every year the two of us get together with a really expensive bottle of whiskey, a shooter, lots of food, our favourite songs and our most comfortable pj’s. We then spend the entire evening drinking, singing, toasting to each other and dancing. We drunk dial and take pictures and dance and sing and cry and generally act crazy until we pass out. The next morning we wake up incredibly hung over and and spend the day swimming. In the past few years Hubby has taken over responsibility for us on the next day. He comes to where ever we are, makes us breakfast, settles us on the couch with our favourite movies and gets us headache tablets.  This year is going to be exactly the same.

Speaking of birthday’s, mines is in four months time, I can’t wait!


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