Theme party fail!

So my oldest sister turned 40 this year and for the past two years we’ve been hearing about how we need to throw her a surprise party. So that’s exactly what my other sister and I did. Well, it was more of a semi-surprise since she knew we were having a party for her. Her birthday was in October but we couldn’t celebrate because we were fasting so we had to wait for two weeks.

We were so excited about planning it and threw a whole lot of ideas out. Eventually we settled on a theme: Madhattter’s Unbirthday Party. I thought it was a brilliant idea! The unbirthday part was cos the party was not on her actual birthday and the Madhatter bit because she is as crazy as the Madhatter. It was difficult finding décor but we made a plan. I borrowed my niece’s tea sets for tea table and went out and bought some gigantic tea cups. I also put a little door mouse in one of the tea pots, just peeping out. We bought tiny little bottles, filled them up with different shooters and put little ‘drink me’ labels on them. On the snacks we stuck toothpicks with ‘eat me’ labels and placed them all over the table. Instead of champagne glasses we got a mix of mugs and tea cups for the toast. I even got mini and gigantic playing cards and flamingo straws for the cocktails!

 My favourite part was the hats! I bought a whole lot of top hats and went wild decorating them. I still have tinsel coming out of odd places! Anyway, after all the excitement and planning and decorating it turns out that no one understood the theme! It was a big fail! Needless to say, I was in shock. Who hasn’t read Alice in Wonderland?? How can you not know anything about the Madhatter or his tea parties??

It’s like saying today’s generation don’t know who’s Harry Potter, Everyone knows Harry Potter! Alice in Wonderland is right up there Sleeping Beauty and Red Riding Hood. It was quite disappointing but in the end everyone had a good time, especially my sister and that’s what’s important I guess. Everyone kept teasing us for being nerds but I think it’s very sad that they have never known the extraordinary world that is Wonderland!

I’d post some pics but I have no idea how to do that!


12 thoughts on “Theme party fail!

  1. You wouldn’t really want to watch half of the rubbish that’s on tv nowadays and why would you want to torture yourself with politics? 😉 Rather stick to the books!

  2. That IS very sad, Ricari. I also think that no childhood is complete without having read Alice in Wonderland, or at least, having watched the wonderful movie. Sorry your party theme was a flop, but glad everyone had a great time.:(

  3. Sounds like you guys had fun arranging everything though 😉
    And as long as everybody did enjoy themselves, I don’t suppose it was a complete loss 🙂
    People don’t read anymore. A sad situation…

      1. I think you have to discover reading at an early age, otherwise you will never really love it.
        I tried to get my kids to read, and one does, but the other one!!

        1. That’s a good point, for as long as I can remember I’ve loved reading. Bedtime stories were always read to be and I remember many sunday afternoons lying around with the family and just reading

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