Can males and females just be friends?

*Sigh* No matter how much you think you’ve learnt there’s till much more coming. I sometimes think I’m cleverer than I actually am! I’ve made an epic mistake that I didn’t even know I made! On the weekend away one of our friends got wasted and hubby and I proceeded to pack him to bed before his fiance killed us all. We’ve been friends for about 10 years but his fiance is newly introduced to the group and it turns out that the person he is with us and different to the person he is with her. It sounds obvious, i know, but it wasn’t!

Anyway, she got all paranoid about our ‘inappropriate’ behaviour which was that I dragged his drunken ass to his room while hubby went to call her and when she walked in we were alone in the room, not doing anything, i was laughing at him and he was wondering around looking for his pillow. When she got there I and the thought never even crossed my mind that I should feel guilty about anything. I even joked about with her! Today he tells me that he’s been in the dog box and that she needed some serious convincing that it was all innocent.

My first reaction is to laugh at the absurdity of her reaction, then I got all blustery at being accused of even thinking of something like, with one of my closest friends but then I realise that she may have a point. We’re not kids anymore and as ‘adults’ we should behaving more respectably. I suppose the days of males and females all being innocent friends are over. It saddens me though because now the two of us are gona have this ‘space’ between us. We won’t be as comfortable with each other as we once were and there always be that niggling thought at the back of mind about how she’ll react to anything we do, as innocent as it may be.

I told hubby about the situation and he says I shouldn’t even bother about it. I wish I could brush  it off as easily as he did. I’m wondering if maybe my behaviour was actually innapropriate? And I’m feeling guilty cos I had the same fight with my husband not so long ago with him and my best friend. Maybe I misjudged him and it was as innocent as he claimed and I was over reacting with my insecurities? In which case I’m a hypocrit as well!

And I’m the type that over thinks a situation too much. I’ll now analyse my behaviour with all my friends and probably start pulling myself back and start getting anxious until eventually I’ve blown everything out of proportion and end up miserable! Any advice?


4 thoughts on “Can males and females just be friends?

  1. I have a lot of guy friends and a lot of their girlfriends hate my guts even though I really wouldn’t try take their men. I think it’s just human nature to be protective of what’s “yours”

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