Friends and life

Whenever I evaluate my life I always measure my satisfaction and happiness by two things- my family and friends. Life constantly changes and it’s difficult to maintain anything but relationships. While you happily go about your daily routine everything around you changes, the economy, the petrol price, your company, your age, your looks, even your dog. The one thing that I value above all else are my relationships. And sure, they can change as well but they are more dependable.

This past weekend I went away with 13 of my friends. We were a mix and mash of couples and singles of different races and age groups. The oldest friend I have for about 14 years, from the time we were in school together and the others I’ve met along the way, mostly while I studied and in between people got married until eventually my group is as big as it is now.

For the past six years we’ve gone on an annual holiday. We book out a house that can accommodate us all and buy a whole lot of food and booze and literally spend three days drinking, talking, swimming, braaing and bonding. Irrespective of what has happened during the year we make sure we do this so than we can reconnect and rebond. The guys go off and fish, which is just another place to drink beer I think, and the girls spend time by the pool, talking, laughing and crying (on occasion).

Inevitably someone ends up confessing something or apologising for a forgotten offence and everyone hugs and has a shooter and it’s all cleared up! This past year has been difficult, one couple was on the verge of separating, another’s about to get married, another friend has had a secret relationship (long story) that he confessed to the group, myself and hubby have our fertility issues, another friend had a miscarriage and the list goes on. This weekend we got it all out there and we gave each other advice and a shoulder to cry and it was like a huge cleansing. We sang karaoke and danced till the sun rose, we had midnight swims and scared each other with ghost stories, we played drinking games and musical beds and each moment made us closer.

On Sunday when we left, sunburnt, hung over and about 5kgs heavier we were a much happier group of people. I hope that 10 years from now we’ll be doing the same thing and that I can blog about how happy I am with my life, based on my relationships with my friends and family.



10 thoughts on “Friends and life

  1. What a great tradition. I wouldn’t have survived my 20s without my friends–they make things easier and are willing to give a hug and crack a joke when i need to laugh.

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