Happy new year

Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of a new year for Hindu’s and one of the most auspicious days in our calendar. Yesterday was Diwali and I’m sad that it’s over. It was very quiet this year, i think the stormy weather put a damper on things. Diwali is one of my favourite holidays but it irritates the crap out of me that this wonderful day has been reduced to something negative. For people who aren’t celebrating all they see is the fireworks aspect. And those loud bloody bombs aren’t even part of the tradition. It was introduced by the chinese!

For us the fireworks represents joyous celebration and it’s about the colours of the festival, not the noise! Why can’t we celebrate in peace? I’ve been judged so many times for celebrating this day that other people have equated to animal abuse. I have dogs, I love them and make sure that  they are well looked after during this time of the year. we’re responsible and so are alot of people on our community, don’t blame all of us for 1 rotten apple.

Some history on Diwali: Raam was exhiled for 14 years and on the last day of his exhile he started making his way across India back to his kingdom. The people rejoiced as he had just fought an evil demon and rescued his wife. People lit lamps along the roads and in their homes to guide Raam home and as he passed through the streets and towns he sent everyone showers of blessings. On the evening that he arrived in his town the people celebrated by sending up sparks of colours to let all evil know that they were protected.

Diwali is about the triumph of good over bad and represents new beginnings. On the eve of Diwali as the sun sets we start lighting our lamps and set them around our homes and in our doorways too invite Raam and his wife to our homes. We offer up sweets and money as well as some gold and anything material we are thankful for. They (Gods) blessed us and we offer it back to them in gratitude and appreciation. We pray for a good year ahead for ourselves and our loved ones and we ask for forgiveness and enlightenment. We share the sweets that we have made with our family and friends so that they may be as blessed as we are.

I think to devalue such an important day, without knowing the history is incredibly insulting. Anyway, it is the start of the new year and I don’t wana be negative. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead. I hope that you and your family are blessed many times over and that you find what you are looking for!


11 thoughts on “Happy new year

  1. Happy new year! I hope you still had a good day yesterday though.
    I’m not a fan of fireworks but I can tolerate them. Last night was a different story though as you saw on my blog. What I personally think would be nice is if the fireworks were let off at a park and not at people’s houses so that we don’t have different families letting them off at different times and we end up with fireworks going on for over two hours…
    Thanks for sharing the history behind it! 🙂

    1. We did try implementing something like that, everyone goes to a temple but there are about 5 temples in JHB and alot more families celebrating… Plus going to a public spot means getting permission from the local council and the police and an ambulance which is usually denied. oh well, im sure eventually we can find a solution… Anyway, thanks for the well wishes!

  2. While I am quite happy for you guys celebrating the New year, and it is a joyous celebration, I was not very happy last night and the night before.
    Oh well, not much anybody can do about it, just have to grin and bear it.
    Hope you had a happy celebration Ric, and may the new year just be absolutely prosperous!

      1. I loathe fireworks, regardless.
        Even our new years celebration is a major point of contention for me! I have not been out then in many years – have to be at home to keep the dogs safe from damaging themselves.

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