So last night i watched the new movie A-Team  , after the old 90′s series. And it was absolutely awesome! One of the characters Merdoc, is played by our very local who stared in District 9. I thoroughly enjoyed those two hours and spent 119 minutes of them laughing my head of. Hearing that music took me back to when i was a child and looked forward to every episode with aniticipation. I knew the days of the week by whatever was on at 19:00 on TV.

Back then news used to be at 20:00 which was followed my a sitcom or two. Murder She Wrote was on a monday and i dreamt of becoming just like the aged detective. Thinking back though i wonder how she even left her house or wasn’t arrested cos no matter where she went someone got killed!Plus how could someone of her age ride a bike with so much enthusiasm? But afterward i’d go find my ‘spy glass’ and ‘find’ my missing teddy bear or socks, chuckling like she did i solved the problem

I also remember McGyver. How awesome was he? My siblings and i were always trying to back bombs out of bubblegum, nails and our shoe strings after watching one his episodes. I’d be so creative i surprised my parents!Now though, his hair style is a bit off putting…

Another firm favourite was Dr Quin: Medicine Woman. After watching an hour of her i new that one day i’d become a famous but kind and compassionate doctor. I’d walk around the whatever rural town i was working in and children and animals would follow me around. i’d be tough on the men but kind to the women.

Oh! then there was Captain Planet. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Love! I used to bounce up and down and repeat the words after them and so inspired was i that i’d run outside the house and pick up all the dirt in the yard!

 Step by Step, Who’s the Boss?, Pumpkin Patch, Liewe Heksie, A-Team, Air Wolf, Tropical Heat, Beverley Hills 90210, so many good meories

Thinking back all these characters taught me alot, how to be creative, to make a ‘plan’, to be a good person and to recycle! lol Ofcourse my parents played a huge part in how i turned out but these childhood friends must have some sort of influence, right?


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