While we were on holiday in CPT I posted something on Facebook that got quite a lot of attention. We were in our holiday apartment and I had just gotten out of the bath busy getting dressed. After using my deodorant I tossed it on the bed but it fell of and rolled under the bed. I made a mental note to remember to pick it up later. Turns out I didn’t need to remember anything because a few minutes later it rolled back out! Creepy, right?

Now I know there’s a reasonable explanation and all that but it made for a nice status update. I got all sorts of responses, most of them funny and teasing. This status was in May already so I was very surprised to receive an email about it. My private email address is on my account so it could be any of my FB contacts that sent it except I don’t know which one.

The email starts of by quoting my status and the responses. The writer of the email then proceeds to scold me for not taking the situation seriously enough. Apparently he/she has sensed something about me and thinks that this could me a manifestation of my powers or powers surrounding me. Sorry… what?? If I had powers the last thing I’d be using it for is to pull my can of deodorant out from under the bed! I could think of much better uses, like pulling my g-string out of my butt in public without using my hands…

He/She goes on to say that for as long as they know me they’ve sensed that I attract the supernatural and it could be that something is hovering over me. Well, whatever this thing is, it’s really helpful it seems. They also mention that my aura is superb and tastes like honey and spicy wine. Tasty!

The email ends of by saying that they will not tell me who they are but I should just think on what they said and when I’m ready they’ll come to me, for my own protection. Is this weird or what? 

Don’t get me wrong, I have a healthy interest and belief in things otherworldly but I can’t help but scoff at this writer. How weird is that email? Also, I need to relook at my friends cos one of them is a bit wacked out! It’s probably someone random that read the status via someone else but still, if this person is serious about believing all this I’m really don’t want to be contacted by anyone!

Maybe it’s just a practical joke, I wouldn’t put it past anyone of my friends to do something like this!

But on the off side that it’s true don’t be surprised if you read the news and there’s a new super hero in town, you read it here first!


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