A few weeks ago we had some of my cousins over for the weekend and with them came a whole lot of children. In total we had 6 little ones, all under the age of 6. And these little rug rats know just who to take advantage off, it’s instinctual!

So we all sat on the grass outside where they had conned me into making mud pies. The girls had out their hair and makeup kits and my scalp was tingling from the brushing I was getting! The boys were making mud moulds with my fingers and toes while I looked sadly at my very expensive pedicure being ruined. Anything for a good mud pie though.

They sat chatting and I found their conversations very interesting. There was a bit of rivalry for the girls attention, at 5 years old these little boys already knew how to charm the fairer sex. I also noticed that the girls ruled the roost. They determined the games that would be played, who played what part and for how long. My niece, being the eldest girl watched over the others and made sure no fights broke out. She was so patient with the little ones and being only 5 herself, it must’ve difficult to constantly give up her toys for the others.

Being the youngest sibling myself I always thought it was tough being the youngest. You’re constantly bullied and sent on all sorts of errands and no one ever wants to play your ‘silly’ games. When we got older everyone got to go out and I was left alone with the adults because my sisters didn’t want me around.

WaTching my niece made me realise that I probably had it easy. I can think of so many times when my sisters had to babysit me or look after me at a function. Whenever trouble happened they got blamed and I was usually let of the hook. How many of their things did they have to give up for me? How many times did my parents tell them they couldn’t have something because I needed something else? It makes me feel guilty to think about all they had to give up for me.

Growing up I wasn’t very close to my sisters mainly because of the age gap- 6 and 12 years is a lot! Plus both my sisters lived with my grandparents while I stayed with my parents, another responsibility that I didn’t have to shoulder. Only as I got older did we start to bond. We eventually reached a stage where I could do everything they could. They could talk about ‘boys’ and sex and parties and all the stuff they had been doing without my ears burning a fever! Eventually we could talk about husbands and work and cooking and house cleaning and all them domesticated stuffs. 

Observing the dynamic in my family’s youngest generation made me determined to want to see the same that I had for them. I want them to grow up and be as close as I am now with my family. I want them to have a family and be able to look at the next generation and wish the same for them.

 Damn, I’m getting old! Lol I guess I’m just grateful for my family at the end of the day. And I’m glad I’m the youngest!


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