Out of my depth

I’ve been wondering our WP reading some posts and wow, am I out of my depth! some of you people are too freaking intelligent! I think back to the dumbass posts that I’ve written and I cringe in shame. What on earth was I thinking!!!

The most intimidating thing is that everyone’s blogs seem to have a …point, for a better word. What I mean is that every blog has some sort of theme, some even have themes about themes. And here I come, plodding along from sunny South Africa, rambling about nothing and b!tching about work… I’ve got to seriously pull out all the stops. But that means work, I do plenty of that, this is supposed to be fun, right?

It makes me wonder though, is it ok to want to talk about nothing? I’m your average female swimming through life as best as I can. I’m not trying to fight crime or save innocent lives. I just want to let of some steam, make a few friends and learn a few things. Does that make me inadequate as a blogger?

And more importantly does this make me less intelligent than another blogger? My theory has always been that I work so hard at work, I’m constantly thinking, not just for myself but for my team as well. I go thourhg 8-10 hours of churning my little mind and being on top of my game, why on earth should I do this during my free time as well? Unless something inspires me to be passionate or to care I really couldn’t give two hoots. I’d rather spend my spare time doing something that I enjoy.


I like sharing my opinion and I like hearing those of others, I just might not necessarily be interested. Is there something wrong with that? I don’t think so. So maybe I’m not out of my depth, maybe… I’m just happy.


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