Fed up!

ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I wish you could scream my lungs out today! It’s one of those days where everything goes wrong and I’m so full of frustration that I could cry.

 Firstly, one of my service providers does not understand the concept of customer service. I have to practically beg for anything I want done and then it takes weeks before its actioned. The result is that that my managers are now coming to the conclusion that I am incompetent and maybe I am because I can’t control my account managers. I don’t want to make excuses to them, it’s just unprofessional but short of sending them every email I have no idea what to do! And then, this morning, at the height of my irritation in swaggers this sales guy to ask me if I’m bored cos he has work for me. Excuse me? I curtly tell him and carry on working. He then carries on shoving that foot in his mouth cos then he asks me what I do because he can’t figure it out.

Picture a volcano exploding, white hot lava erupting out of the unstable mountain competing with thick black smoke to pour out into the world and destroy anything in its path. That’s how I felt. What a douche! Instead of exploding however I just gave him a deadpan stare and he got the picture. His manager came to me a few minutes later to ask me if I can help with data capturing. My very prompt response was no. Now usually I would’ve made a plan to help, even if I was busy but this time I decided fcuk that. I won’t help where my efforts will obviously not appreciated.

 She then went to my boss, who’s the FD to find out why I couldn’t help and he asks her why do we pay for administrators for the department if they aren’t working? *fist pump* But the douche then calls me in to find out what I’m doing. So I reel of a list of things that I need to do, much more than they both expected, and I just sat back at my desk.

 Why are administrators and PA’s so undervalued? Why are patronised and looked down upon? I had to get a four year qualification to get this job and I have to have experience and constant training. I need to manage people and projects. I’ve got to have organisational and planning skills. I have to have good time management and conflict resolution. I have to be able to smile and nod and a bastard of a CEO and listen sympathetically when the tea lady complains about her errant son. I have to convince a bunch of egotistical FD’s to give me stats on by deadline and then push a sales administrator to fill in a leave form. I have to make tea when the tea lady is sick on one afternoon and then wear heels and a dress for dinner at a snobbish dinner in the evening. I have to speak to the MD’s wife and convince her that her husband will be home soon and then deal with calls from a irate customer in Germany who can’t speak English properly. I have to make through 50 striking and violent works who threaten my life, just to get to work to make sure that someone does the work of those 50 workers and then still fill in their leave forms and advise them on how to conduct themselves at a disciplinary hearing.

I may not be a ‘specialist’ but I add value damnit!


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