The feeling that I have at the moment is similiar to starting at a new school, or, more applicable these days, a new job. Your not quite sure where everything is and you feel self concious and a little bit fustrated. Everything is new and different and you wonder if you’ll ever get the hang of it. There’s a bit of insecurity at how people will judge you and whether you’ll be adopted into the fold.

I’m incredibly new to this platform, my original blog was on Letterdash and I’m finding it really difficult to manovure around on this site. Are there any ‘old timers’ that can give me some advise?

Where’s the home page for example? How do I find the blogs at all! And are they catogorised by latest, more read, etc?

I get the impression that everyone is really ‘professional’ here and take their blogs seriously. Although I can’t really judge because I cant even find blogs to read! I hate this part of start something new… Sigh, wish me luck!


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